(2)315w cmh plus blurples?

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I’ve got a 48x96” tent with 3 plants (soil)

I’m currently using 2 315w CMH lights with Phillips bulbs

I have 3 blurple LEDs (“300” watts)

Would I see any noticeable difference if I use one or multiple blurple lights with my CMH’s?
My CMH light is the 3,000k one so I know some colors are weak compared to the 4K so I’m thinking maybe the LED blurple can fill any weaknesses? Or would I just be wasting electricity on he LEDs at that point?


Two cmh’s should be fine. Im actually doing a journal mysef in a 4x4 of a cmh vs a blurple amazon id prefer two cmhs lol but dont want to spend the money right now to buy another
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