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Hey everyone. I’m new here but have a few grows under my belt! We all know veg stage is boring as shit, so here’s an update from day 19 of flowering after a roughly 2 month veg and LST’ing.

You’re seeing the first steps towards a two chamber perpetual harvest, with three plants in veg and three in flower at all times. Right now I just have two lights in one flowering closet, but I’ll be getting a third light soon for a veg chamber now that clones are rooted! This is a legal medical grow, and is by far the most vigorous strain I’ve grown!

So far so good, though I wish I’d gotten three for this harvest I’ll be happy with two, and more on deck!

Lighting: 2x 1000W SpiderFarmer LEDs
Strain: Lupos Maniacs Night Fury (Chimera #7 x Butterfingaz)
Food: Fox Farm Cultivation Nation Veggie (24-14-11), then Fox Farm Tiger Bloom (2-8-4), and Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy. Soon will be adding some Sonic Bloom (0-51-34)
200w night fury grow journal
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