For Sale 2023 Viparspectra XS 1500 Pro version

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1. High Photon Density:

The New-Gen Lens is algorithmically positioned to create the highest PAR map and the deepest penetration.

2. Perfect fit in 2x2 tent:

The PPFD in a 2x2 tent is from 900 to 1000 μmol/m²/s, which meet the flowering needs of each plants in each corner. XS Pro Series bring big earns to every grower.

3. Uniform PAR Distribution:

The Ave. PPFD is 942 umol/㎡/s. in 2x2 tent, Boost Yields to Higher Level;

4. Multi-Light Dimming Daisy Chain:

Control up to 20 lights. Save your time;

5. Dimmer Knob:

Easy to change your light intensity as needed from 5% to 100%.

6. Optimized Spectrum:

Algorithmically designed ratio of white,red,and IR diodes, optimizes plant growth in all stages.

ViparSpectra XS1500 PRO Grow Lights (NEW 2023)
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Light1 720x
2023 viparspectra xs 1500 pro version 2
2023 viparspectra xs 1500 pro version 3
Daisy 720x
2023 viparspectra xs 1500 pro version 5
2023 viparspectra xs 1500 pro version 6
Spefe 720x
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Brand new XS1500 PRO with lens, perfect for 2x2 tents. Don't miss it if you are considering buying a new light.
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