24/48 hour darkness questions plus my thoughts

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My plant is in it's first day of darkness before harvest.
Would there be a huge difference in waiting 2 days rather than 1?

Before I get a bunch of people saying "It doesn't do anything", hear me out:
For my last 2 grows, I've done a dark period (first was 24 hours and second was 48 hours) between veg and flower hoping it would make the plant flower quicker, I don't think it did anything but those were pre flower dark periods. One thing I noticed was that both times, they came out with severe deficiencies. The first time, it was my first grow so I didn't know a lot and hardly thought about it but after the second time I realized it was because of the dark period. I've heard from a lot of people that the plant's nutrients/starches move to the roots during the night and these incidences I've had support that pretty well. One thing I'm wondering is if this has happened to anyone else who's done a pre flower flush.

So even though one of the dark periods was double the length of the other, there wasn't a very big difference in colour leading me to believe that the second day isn't really as important as the first but I only did one of each so it's a very small amount of evidence.

Wow this was all over the place, sorry.


Had always done about 36 hours of darkness before flipping to flower. This time I just flipped them and I noticed no difference. Never have had a nutrient problem with the dark period. Also have done 24 hours of darkness before harvest, TBH I do not think it matters much. I cannot tell a difference so it is maybe a small increase in Trich's.
JB use to let the stuff go like 2 weeks on the vine in darkness, I have not seen any recent posts about them doing this.
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