25 Years Growing Indoors by DJ Short - 1999

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Awesome Post bro... I never get tired of reading on that guy, one of my Top few breeder's along with TRC.... (in no real particular order, sorry, hard to decide)... Just too damn Funky...

BTW, that "Toe Jam x Mary Jane", was easily one of the most tastiest strains out there, KIWIS are my favorite Fruit, and the Finished Cured Product was Just so Kiwi Stinky, i was feeling real lucky to have gotten a fine Pheno like that man, Thanks for encouraging me to run a whole tray full of these, i really loved the Plants too, they Grew very well and easy, they liked every thing I did to them and responded well to my Style, and yielded very well for me.. Thank You, for putting those out there Texas Kid... Peace and Harmony please!


Great post, TK, always love the stuff you put up around here.

Seems like the future was bright in 1999...too bad the greedheads are just about to sentence california medical dispensary owner charles lynch...highlighting the lack of agreement between state and federal perspectives....


THanks Tex,

Reading it brought back the memories of moving to Austin with dreams of outdoor sativas in my head in 89 and running right into the new and improved asset forfeiture laws. Ouch! well twenty years later and I'm FINALLY back to growing~but inside, behind a false wall in an abandoned silo at the end of a long gravel road...


Where its at

Amazing! There are so many different aspects to cannabis besides getting high. When you come across posts like this your a fool not to read it, this is where the community came from.


I got a lot out of reading that. Thanks very much. and Frutty Grower that was cool to see pics of the original article. Peace out.


:clapping:clapping great reading.its awesome to know the evolution of something or its history you always learn something from it.again top effort
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