So the casa depot 27 gallon tough box's come in different styles or models. One has squares on the lid laid out in a grid pattern, the other lays the squares out in a diagonal pattern, which is the much stronger more durable version. Ive been trying to find the the diagonal square or diamond lids and have had no luck whatsoever. Has anybody else run into this same problem? Does your local home de-pot carry the better stronger lids? Has anybody found another tote or mini-res they like even better?


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I have about 10 or so that I am not going to use. I can ship them to you if you cant find them anywhere. Not sure how much shipping woudl be. PM me if you want.


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the diagonal ones seemed to be phased out about two months ago. when the square ones showed up at my local HD, i thought i'd better stock up on extra diagonals . . . but couldn't find a single one in 4 different HDs. sux.
After much research it seems like your right Papa, the diagonal square lids have been faced out unfortunately. I found a decent knock off at lowes, which seems stronger than the casa depot alternative but def not as strong as the original. Next time around I'm either stepping up to the growtek res's, or giving the UC pro res's a whirl.

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what about the hydrotek 30 gallon with lids in the sunlight supply catalog?
I just looked at sunlight their tanks run just over 100 bucks by the time you are done buying fitting they will cost as much as mine and not even be close in quality. A friend of mine who can not afford my tanks,so he set up a grow using rubbermaids 20 gal brute trashcan for 20 bucks. Filled a brute and poured it into a tuff box. Very little volume difference. JK