2nd grow - Need help with trichome development

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Hi all,

On my first grow I harvested too early and had a very heady and racy high.

On this grow I think I am getting close to harvest but I just wanted to get some other growers perspective.

I think the 9 lb hammer plants are ready or a day or two away. The Jack Herer has me stumped because it more a sativa plant and maybe it nees two more weeks or maybe it won’t really get amber trichs as easily (from what I have seen online). As far as the Northern Lights CBD plant I don’t know if it like an indica from the NL parent or a sativa from the CBD parent and thus needs a lot more time.

Only the Jack Herer still has any green leaves( it showing a strong fade near the buds). All other plants have had their fade over the last two weeks and now have dropped all fan leaves.

Thanks for any advice you can give.

Plant #1: 9 lb Hammer no 1
9 lb hammer number 2 trichomes 6-8.png

plant #2: 9 lb Hammer no.2
9 lb hammer number 1 trichome 6-8.png

plant #3: Northern Lights CBD
Northern Lights CBD trichomes 6-8.png

plant #4: Jack Herer

Jack Herrera trichomes 6-8.png


#1 and #2 are the only amber ones I saw about 10%.
All the others looks like a mix of clear/cloudy.
I'd say on average another week then chopchop.
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