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Starting this off at day 21 of veg. Using 300w bestva led grow light with a couple 26w cfl bulbs. Not sure what the strain is, the seeds where from a friends personal grow still trying to find out what it was. Ran into mites a week back but I think I got rid of most, used diluted alcohol mix first couple days then got some azamax an they seem to have disappeared for most part. No Nutes yet using organic soil mix of earth warm casting, perlite, bat quano, an mixed in some organic premade soil. Transplanted into I think 2.5gal maybe 3 gallon pots on the 20th. Basic little operation I hope to see grow out, enjoy.

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Just watered this morning an tested run off and got 1000ppm coming out the left with 6.3ph and around 700ppm on right one with 6.4ph. Could that be why the left is lighter green then the right? I haven’t given any nutes yet an this is like 3rd watering since transplanting. Should I be concerned or just keep doing the same thing.


Did some more training today on both of them. The right one looks a lot better, I tucked the big fan leafs under an tied them down to give more light to other shoots. Don’t want to cut off any leafs just yet. For only being 3 weeks old from popping I think there doing damn good. There both starting to look the same color, right one was a lot darker. I really want to scrog them out but not sure sex of the plants, any suggestions?

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Day 25 Veg, ~80F/ 40%RH

Starting to realize that my led light isn’t all that great..

Not much I can really do now..going to finish with it. Going to eventually switch out the cfl’s for more led bulbs..just as bright but 1/3-1/2 the wattage. I really want the hlg 135 Rspec but can’t fork out that cash right now..something for the future. All lights, 2 clip fans, 4” 165 cfm intake fan and only pushing 380 watts. Trying to get a micro veg room going for when I cut the clones just having hard time finding something small but tall enough. I up’d the watering to every other day with no bites yet. I use straight distilled water with a tad bit of ph up to around 6.0-6.5. Out the battle it’s around 5.5ph/0ppm. Trying to keep organic so thinking of making a tea soon. Any good recipes anyone knows of that’s easy to find an get? Thanks for looking..stay safe out there.

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Day 27 Veg, ~80F/ 40%RH

Decided to put net in tonight(made it myself, didn’t turn out to bad either). Think I’m going to need to flip to 12/12 soon, going to run out of space soon. Couple of the leaves on left one showing signs of deficiency not sure what yet but I haven’t really fed them yet either. Any help on what it is would be great thanks.
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Day 3 flower

Finally fed them with 1/2 strength pure kelp, voodoo juice, and some b-52. Started to remove bottom leaves not to much..will gradually remove all under growth during next few days. Put together a quick rain catcher for some free water..tested it out at 6.4ph and around 4-10ppm..perfect. Collected about 25gal overnight with light drizzle. Temps have been around 80-85F but doesn’t go above 85F which I can live with for such small space. Humidity won’t go above 50% hope that’s good enough. Got my new light today. Hope I picked a decent one. Has the Samsung LM301B diodes which to my understanding is second best to the LM301H for new LEDs. So that’s what I went off, cheap and with most leds. Phlizon 1000W LM301B Dimmable LED. Seems decent off of reviews we will see. Starting to get clone/ mother room set up..coming along still need a few things.
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Some of the pictures look different, dont think I saw your clone box on there. Cool idea, I'll follow along here too

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