2x600w Too Much For 120x120x200?

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So i have my 1st grow behind now and im planing to buy another growing set. My current set is 120x120x200 tent, gavita 600w digistar ballast, gavita triplestar reflector, 360m3/h exhaust fan and wilma 4 x 18l Pot hydro system.

I was lucky enought to score 425g critical kush with that setup.

Now im planing to buy another 120x120x200 tent and put 2x gavita 600w inside with 680m3/h. Its winter time here and i believe that i can keep temperature at 27.

Do i go out of the line here? I also gonna buy gavita el2 controller so i can run both lamps lower if needed.

Any advice? Thanks


A 600 watt de Godiva would cover a 4x4 well. Even if you can keep two of them cool in that space you’re probly wasting light and energy. Beyond 1100 micro moles of par it can be stressful for plants unless you suplement c02 at 1200ppms as well. At that point you should seal up the room add ac and run them in a 4x8 tent. You’d pull two lbs easy breezey
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