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I am a disability pensioner and on medicinal Cannibis. (The 2 don't go good together).
Started my 1st Grow I am calling the 3 Queen Pillars.
1 x Grandmummy Purple
2 x Mimosa Orange Punch
3 x Zkittles.
It's been 3 weeks and just getting out of seedling stage ready for Veg stage.
All look really healthy, but on one the leaves are really deformed, is this an issue?
I have a pic of setup, does everything look OK?
3 queen pillars
3 queen pillars 2
3 queen pillars 3
3 queen pillars 4
3 queen pillars 5


Doh, in my keenness, I didn't give you all the details of set-up.
So here goes, oh wait need to spark up for this. Ahhhh.
My set-up -
Growing in 2x2 small tent from GreenFingers.
Using a Full Spectrum (in pic 1)
Screenshot 20240423 194448 Amazon Shopping

Using Advanced micro set nutrients , it us PH balanced, making it more user friendly for beginner like me.
Screenshot 20240423 194518 Amazon Shopping


I started all three on the 14 April.
All sprouted 4 days on 18th April.
It's been an easy grow to tend to so far, no issues except I noticed a reddening of stems on Grandmummy Purple. Unsure on significance of redenning stems, can someone enlighten me?,
However the stems now are a light pinkish, so whatever it is is disapating.

That's up do date, all are just about to end seedling stage, by calendar it's tomorrow 24th. But I won't switch light intensity until I see more growth. Just to be sure. Any Advice (Good or Bad) would be welcome.
Will post new pictures in tomorrow's post.
I apologise for jumping the start of the grow , but I have only just joined here.
Looking forward to showing you all some nice Fat Buds


A few important information items I have yet to put in thread before tomorrow's post.
I have a water schedule of every 3 - 4 days, on the third , feel the surround mix around the stem. If it's dry when you dip your finger just under surface. She is thirsty.
Nutrients I use, are :
Advanced Micro Set of 3, (have previously posted pictures of these.
Nutrient feed chart will be up in morning,
I have my full spectrum light at half intensity(changes as veg turns to pre flower to full) there are 4 intensity positions on my light, I started growing with light int number 2 so 50%of what your light intensity.
It's OK I will recap at the end to make it actually readable.
I just want to give as much info as I know.
My light is 40 cm above the girls, I started the seedling stage at 30cm above and only just now that it's close to veg stage, I have increased the height.
Daily ph/temp readings will be posted.
Please let me know if i missed something.


Water every 3/4 days
Nutrient feed 1 weekly
Light at 30cm above seedling 🌱
Increased to 40cm today preparing for veg stage.
Light schedule at moment is 18 light/ 4 dark,
I am altering this to promote veg growth to 20/2.
The Veg stage is light ravenous, you will notice rapid growth spurt of foliage.
Ph/notes stat's will come with next post in morn.
Just to end, I have a grow app I keep my stat's on, so instead of me rambling about those, I will post screenshot daily.


I have decide to delay switching to veg stage for another set of leaves, approx 3 days.
Turned light back to quarter intensity and light time back to 18/4 cycle.

In regards to the PH, I chose Advanced Micro because of the PH perfect nutrients.
I need to get a tester. Will post reading when I get that.

I turned light on at 4am, noticed the temp was OK for dark hrs(maybe a little low, but humidity was at good level.
Screenshot 20240424 031722 ThermoPro Sensor

Screenshot 20240424 033157 Jane

I am not verry knowledgeable about growing buti can only say what i.believe, my opinions, please dont take my info as gospel, do your research for more correct info on growing in tent.Any questions or tips for me, I will endeavour to answer.
Oh my Nutrient feed is Seedling young 1ml per litre of each.
Start veg at 2ml pl
then pre flower i will increase to 4ml pl , for chunky buds
Bye for now
20240424 025845
Screenshot 20240424 034530 Jane
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