315 Cmh/lec How Many Per 4x8 Have You Ran

anyone ever ran 4 315’s over a 4x8 table? I’ve done one per every 3x3 with good results but curious if anyone has done 4 or more over a 4x8, would you get diminishing returns eventually.
Ive heard 5 lights over each 4x8 is the sweet spot!The person that reported that here was a colorado dispo grower and was claiming a p per light.
Right on, yea I have heard 5 as well Freshone, I myself have had 1-1.25 per light off of 1 individual 315 in 3x3 spaces but figure i'd give this 4 per 4x8 a go. I will definitely report back here with my results which wont be for a few more months but ill try to remember to update.

I have read that utilizing cross-lighting is key with these fixtures fwiw...so I could see spacing one every 2 feet apart doing well. I'll let yall know.
Here's 4x 315 in big kahuna hoods in an 8x12x7 room. It's offset from center about 3' for a walk/work space, and for my scrubber, tank, and 4-5 side plants or tester plants as needed. I can get 1lb/hood easliy.

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Nice How many plants do you usually run in this set up? I’m doing 315cmh 5 lights in a 8x12x8 room and Im not sure how many plants to put in it.


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I have only run once with this set up and had a few problems but got about three pounds give or take a few oz’s. The quality was there though, really nice looking buds. This pic is from my current run, I’ll see if I have some pics from the last.
3 pounds out the room?
Sounds like overkill to me. I’d try two of the new 500 watt cmh s in that space just for fun or probs 2 630. 4 315 s at most. 5 seems just silly IMO. From what I’ve seen outta those bastards it would just be a hat on a hat