3x3 stuffed full of Gorilla Glue Auto

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Back with more Gorilla Glue (I love this stuff). I have a 3x3 and my first grow was OG Kush and 4 plants fit nicely with a little LST.

But after my Gorilla Glue scrog I did last time, I fell in love with the plant structure and the potency. I wanted to go back to autos this run so I decided to do GG autos and see if they are any good.
My original plan was to do 3 GG autos and a Durban Poison Auto, each 2 weeks apart. Well the DP got delayed a couple weeks and the GG are in full flower. My 3x3 is NOT big enough.

I'm running a 300 watt Maxisun Bar LED this time instead of 2 100 watt Aperias quantum LEDs. I'm left wondering if its the new light or is the Gorilla Glue a larger plant by nature?

As you can see, I need to evict someone if I want maximum penetration.
3x3 stuffed full of gorilla glue auto

There is 2 weeks difference in age between each of the Gorilla Glue. The smaller Durban in 13 days old. I am going to give the youngest GG to my oldest son and move the DP to my 18" x 3ft x 3ft tent.

This should allow better light penetration.


You can also defoliate if you want better penetration

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