40' Shipping Container Nanolux Build

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I just took down the first run and killed it. Best numbers I have ever seen myself. I can't wait for the next couple runs. I got some new strains that are fire and should be yielding at least 3#/. We will see how this next run comes down. just curious what kinda yields do those rooms get that you posted a while back?

Nothing close to that. The pods all have 750's (half the time cranked down to 600's cause of height). Right now at the moment sitting at about 1-1.5 a light. I have yet to go 3 days in a row without an a/c fucking up or some other wack ass problem with growtek controllers (POS!). Wish they were made of wood so I could put a match to them. You def made the right move. Keep patting yourself on the back. Start consulting/selling for those things man! If they did you def can.

The used a big ass fork lift for ours
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Cali clouds

Cali clouds

Bummer about the shitty a/c's. They should just upgrade them. I have been pretty surprised about how close I have been able to get to the lights. I try to keep 3' but I have some stretchers that are about 30" and so far the tops still look good. I try to keep the lights close from the beginning so they are used to the intense light.
I wish had more time to pursue some of the other things I want to do.
Did that company supply all the catwalks and stairs to go with them or was that hired out?
Cali clouds

Cali clouds

I peak them out at 1200 for 4 hours then ramp up and down from 800. I could just be really high but I think it creates more of a natural day


What up farmers. Not sure who cares but I thought I would share. Half way through a build on a 40' container build. Quick rundown on what's going on. First thing was to paint that ugly ass orange thing the first day it showed up. I'm not to sure what those people are thinking when they pick the colors but they sure are ugly.
Actually before it showed up I graded a nice level pad, then ran power and water.
Then 2x4 framing, insulation and green board drywall the whole thing. I hate using the big doors so I fabbed up a nice 7'x36" steel man door to keep the tweakers at bay.
I am always stupid busy and never seem to get to the room when the lights are on so I build small 4x4 entry room with a second door. I also hate opening a room to a grow and having lights beaming outside to the neighbors.
We ran a 100a service to a 100a sub panel inside the room. I just picked up 6 nano d/e's I'm putting on 5' centers. The grow area will be pushed up against one side so I have a 2' walkway the whole way down. I put in 10 fixtures for green led bulbs so working with the lights off is all good.
I have 2-2 ton Fujitsu mini splits going at opposing ends so I shouldn't have any a/c issues even with the co2 generator. Fujitsu kicks ass. 17 seer units and I just got a 1.25 ton for the veg that is 25.3 seer only uses 5 amps.
I build wood sloping sub floors capped with a white PVC paneling that all drains to a gutter and then out the floor. I grow in nursery pots with coco perlite mix drain to waste with top feed sprayers feeding.
I'm working on the irrigation system right now but I'm doing a 100 gallon fresh water rez over a 100 gallon nute rez hooked up to a automated irrigation system using sprinkler valves.
Hopefully I will be up and running in a week or two. If anyone cares about my project I can post some pics.
How much space was used for the insulation drywall and framing in between? Could I get step by step on outfitting a shipping container with green drywall and insulating it.


There's a company in Vancouver, BC, that customize the coolest containers for cultivating Cannabis.
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