420 CUP Rule Violation

The exact same thread below has been posted @ ICM and was deleted after a couple of minutes (the truth hurts):

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Ever since 2003.........this cup has taken great pride in keeping the judging FAIR and impartial...assigning a blind number to each and every entry. The whole basis of the cup is to enter...and have 'independent' judges vote....not to enter and then judge your own or go around talking your entry up to attending judges.

This doesn't seem to be quite a problem in the independent grower category.......but the seed co category, where 'future' earnings from seed sales as a result of that co being able to advertise that they won or placed in the cup is a different matter....therefore warrants closer scrutiny...as it has in the past.

Because it is a socializing event....and entrants who also attend can not possibly be expected to not partake in the social scene....touting one's own entry, or disclosing the variety name of what they entered, has 'always' been grounds for disqualification.

I'm sure we'd all like to think that no one would do such things....but in the fairness of the cup, it's within the realm of possibility that someone would....therefore all possible has to be done to prevent that from happening.

Each entry should stand on it's own merits....and be fairly and independently judged. ;)

And now have a look at this post from 04/16/10:

was going over some shit , referee , you are so right about soma chatting wht he entering , very cunty indeed , no one else can get away with it apart from rez and usuall suspects ....but its like that here and everywhere else , dont get into it with ppl i can not confront .......;)
Isn't Dutchgrown snitch? Who cares what the fuck she has to say.

Also, the Amsterdam cup is a joke. All midgrade, blah, over there from what I could tell.

I couldn't care much less about how many cups Greenhouse or Soma or whoever has.