i 2nd the 30x scope. IMO, it allows you to see more trichomes and get a better estimate of what percentage is cloudy, clear or amber. i have a 30x of ebay and 60x-100x from radioshack. i find myself going to the 30x all the time.

edit: i just clicked on the link that you provided. that looks exactly like the radio shack version with 420 painted on it. radio shack sells theirs for $11 plus tax, the 420 one is $27. wow, it seems like a lot of products increase prices once they realize they can sell it to the marijuana community.
I have to agree . In my experances 30x is about max for the hand. The 60-100x is just too much mag.
I have to agree . In my experances 30x is about max for the hand. The 60-100x is just too much mag.
I have a 30x atm but it doesn't have a light and was pretty annoying to use (you had to slide it in and out like a telescope, and hold it in the right spot)...I've got a 60-100x 420 scope coming in the mail, should arrive tomorrow.

I can always use it to check out nugs at home :D

ps. I like their nug jars...
Hi guys.I was thinking this week to bought 1 of this 420 Scope 60x-100x from the dnagenetic`s web side .I thing this is very nice ;] and not expensive,Better way is to buy 30x from head-nature.com but the delivery to my country is like 30 euro :D
Not sure if is allowed ? but uk lidl have imho a decent scope in store now and then 30x60x100 for 5.99 been working for me twelve months , ill sling a pic up when home if any interested .
Lidl has a scope for 5.99? Nice one.
I just bought the 420 Scope last week and find it a little difficult to use with 2 adjustable thingys. I bought it to replace my old Lumagny.
I'm gonna buy one of them USB microscopes with stand and take pictures with it on my PC, will be easier for me and will have a better view of the resin glands than my fidgiting and shaking hands holding a microscope.


ive got a x100 scope . but just ordered a eye clops .they were on sale at argus for £14.99 but when i went 2 weeks ago they were all sold out.


heres a video

my plan is to record it with a rec dvd player are rip to my laptop to post a video here .
I've got the 60-100x scope as well, took me a few days to get used to it, i've found it can be quite hard to use if trying to look at the trichs while in the grow room, especially with the oscilating fans in there you manage to get a great image then woosh! the fan blows the bud side-to-side and you lose the clear image, it's beautiful when you get it spot on tho, i'm gonna look into those 30x ones as well



wow,what a great little gizmo! thanks for the heads up.
I've been making do with a little L.E.D torch and a loupe!
i just spent £50 on a usb scope from maplin and it didnt include a stand.
at 300 X, i just aint steady enough in me old age to hold it.
I got my scope at radio shack for around the same price, they got a 30x and a 60-100x. looks EXACTLY like theres, i like there jars i actually got a few. One of the Diesel, one Northern Night's Jar and a Hello My Strain is jar. Got them at Hemp Fest this year in Seattle, Wa
I have that 420 scope and imo it kinda sucks. Maybe my hand is not steady enough but you have to be right ON the bud which I don't dig, then its so magnified you spend a hot minute rubbing the bud just trying to get focused and its pretty in and out. I'll probably either get a better camera or 30x cheapie.