600W Super-Cali Haze + Romulans

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Hello all,

I have two small gardens going now at the moment.
1st is Super-Cali Haze in early flowering stage,
2nd is 4x Romulans at vegging stage.

The SCH suffered some trauma in its 2.5-4 months of life from seed - a 14 days period with about 85% total darkness (I had a domestic emergency).
It was also fimmed to have two main colas instead of one, and now it is currently going through some rough S&M period - bonded and tied very tight in few locations to maximize yield.

The Romulan(s) are a batch of 5 seeds from Next Generation.
(As I am a HARD core Trekkie - I just could not resist buying them when browsing for new flavor :D ).
They are about a month old. One seed did not sprout, and all 4 are growing nice.
The 4 were already transplanted to their final pot - a 3 gallon pots.


Growing conditions are the same for all plants.

  • 3 parts pro-mix
  • 1 part vermiculite
  • 1 part perlite

  • PH balanced Reverse Osmosis

  • 1x 250W 6.5K CFL <---- for seedling stage
  • 1x 600W MH
  • 1x 600W Hi-Lux Super HPS

  • Bio-Bizz's Root-Juice, Bio-Heaven
  • FoxFarm's Grow Big, Big Bloom, Tiger Bloom


The SCH is growing right now under the 250W CFL - my ballast went dead on me. Good news are that the new ballast is already inbound and should arrive any day now. All in all the plant is under the CFL for about a week.

Change of Kelvin temperature.. Change of photo period..
Dunno. It is definitely not good for the flowering, but maybe it's for the best.
maybe with the sudden aggressive change of lights the plant got a little "extra" blue spectrum.


In my next post I'll add some nice pictures and more details.

at your service, and your family's! :rollj:


Ok, so let go to the start pictures.

I named each plant with a Captain name from the series.
(originally I had 5 seeds, but "Romulan #5 aka "Archer" did not sprout).

This was done roughly a month ago.
In the next set of pictures - the captains pop off the ground and into the stars..



About a month ago.
I had a very detailed log on another site that crashed and lost all database. :/

Some super-macros are BIG.
Please see the full-sized versions to enjoy! :party0042:

I'll cut short with words and details for now, and will start comment on the next set of pictures - the current ones from today.


Finally - the pictures from today, with more information.

about a month into vegging, the plants look greener and healthier then ever before. The Root-Juice + Bio-Heaven cocktail are doing miracles for the captains. really. Picard, which was born with defective phenom still shows signs of weird and twisted growth. Maybe it's the collective calling him.. :D In the latter set of nodes it seems to recover and grow straight up.

Kirk was the last to pop off the ground.
When it popped out, I noticed how the others were stretched as hell, so I fixed Kirk's ground level. Because of that he is the closest to the ground. It looks the healthiest.

Janeway is right behind, and Sisko that was the best looking plant, now has some sort of problem - please check the picture with the greenish/white leave and try to asses me whats wrong with the plant.


Next post - the "beast".
the Super-Cali haze, fimmed and under S&M :makeup

Smokin Tree

Nice pics, lookin forward to seeing your grow and what you get. Was lookin at some of those beans myself.


Thank you friend!

This is the quote of Next Generation's description:
A legendary strain in Canada and medicinal favorite.
Over 30 years old and known for its overwhelming narcotic high.
Crystal covered dense buds with a strong pine smell. #1 recommended medicinal strain.

Flowering: Indoor: 55 days
Outdoor: Oct 15

Genetics: Columbian, Korean.
Structure: Medium height, medium branchy.


Now, the 'beast', the Super-Cali Haze:

It's been vegging for over 3 months, fimmed (very well may I add :P ), and stretched to maximize yield. Right now it looks a bit weak.. It just started flowering, so energy is being redirected to flowering.

It got it's first Tiger-Bloom nute around a week ago.

I added a Bonus :sun2::sun2::rauch08:
My other Roadrunner, at full bloom - about to be harvested next week or so.

Next post - some hardcore trichs p0rn :damnhippie:


..and the last post of the day, an encore to the Roadrunner, with some nice Super-Macros :
>> some of the pics are BIG. please view in 100%! <<

*that's it - from now on - pictures of the Captains will be of present time.


Funk Master!
Holy shit gandalf! That roadrunner is super frosty! Come on by my tga grow. Just threw up a bunch of pics. See u in da threads.


Funk Master!
Thanx 4 da friend add bro. Can't wait 2 see the action on those roms! I'm posted on these 4 sho!


Nice pics. What you using to take those macros?

Girls are looking good. Love the way you labeled the romulans! haha. Good choice, I like puffin on some good Romulan.

I use a simple 40$ Olympus FE-340 (or C-560 in Europe).
That's an 8 MP camera with "super macro" and stabilizer option.
I'll write 'how to take amazing macros' thread soon, and update you when it's done.
There are some really nice tricks to make outstanding extreme close-ups. Stay tuned friend.

haha, well I hope I didn't jinx them when labeling after male captains (but Janeway..).
lol thought of that a week after labeling, and now.. it'll be a blasphemy to rename 'em! :stonedsmilie:



I just received the ballast back from RMA.
It's been 2 and a half weeks on the roads, my babies got 250W CFL instead of a 600W true MH.
When I got back into the room with the new ballast, I had to modify the reflector's cable to fit into the ballast (the 250W CFL uses a simple "computer" cable to connect to the wall).

While making the modifications, I accidentally stepped over the big, massive CFL. I'm mad as hell, because this thing is H-U-G-E!
How could I have missed that..:fubar:fubar


So, right now, I have the 600W system up and running, but lost the 250W CFL. I had to wait 35+ days for it to arrive in the mail. :worried

Oh well.
At least after that I got high :D
More updates as the story develops..


Rock on. Everything is looking sweet.

Edited to add that your leaf issue looks like the beginning of a ph issue. If it's just one leaf and doesn't spread I would say it's just a mild reaction to a momentary ph flucuation. Have you checked it lately?



Looking awesome man, The macros are wonderful, top quality, I will be on the lookout for the how to thread on close up....Thanks for sharing, best of luck.

I had a little clone with some problems that look similar I replanted yesterday and flushed w/ ph'd water check out my 600w grow for updates, but I will pop in and let you know if the flush straightened her out! Good luck on the tomatoes!



Edited to add that your leaf issue looks like the beginning of a ph issue. Have you checked it lately?

You rock for a reason..
Indeed, the PH meter was out of calibration!

I took your advice, and even though I thought it is ok.. I decided to test it with PH 4.01 and PH 7.01 hanna solutions.
Guess what? The tester was at + .4 !

a simple fix re-calibrated the meter.
I'm glad I have met you friend. thank you! :sun2:

What is the importance of PPM in soil gardens?
Is it of any value at all?


You're welcome. I'm glad it was simple fix.

By the way, you missed the huge CFL Because you're high!
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