65 day in veg Auto OG Kusk ...repotting ?

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Hey farmers.. I have one OG Kush auto that has stayed in veg for 65 days now and counting. I only have one small room that has three Girl Scout cookie and three Jack Herer all in flower and within a week of the same age as the vegging Kush so I’m waiting for the others too finish out so I can change the light cycle which may be about two weeks give or take a few days.
I used 3 gal fabric pots with Foxfarms Ocean and Happy Frog and the OG kush pot feels like it’s really full of roots so I wanted too get some advice on wether too try and repot this confused auto flower and veg it for bit longer after the others finish or should I just leave it in it’s existing 3 gal pot and wait till the others are done and then go too 12/12 light cycle.
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