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ok iv got a 8 pot wilma under a 600 watt hps, im aiming for 600 gram of uk cheese, last time i vegged the plants for a month but they all died (check 1 of my threds growers worst nightmare) i no thier is a LIMIT TO MY YEILD im aiming for 2.5 oz per plant what i want to no is how long i should veg them for to acheive my goal, i no i dont need a 35" + plant, if i were to flower them at say 13" they would stretch to about 24 Would a 24 inch plant give me my yeild in a perfect enviroment of course


hi rob ive used wilmas in a xl budbox under 2 600 lumatecs uk cheeseloads of times. u will hit 2.5 oz no worries if ur using clay pebbles. uk cheese low yielder. it depends how long u vedge them for. ive been giving them 2 weeks veg then turning them at 8 inches and getting 3-4 oz using vitalink bloom and superthrive only for veg, then bloom food was 1 week extra bloom mix then vitalink bloom a+b. when buds showing as big as thumbnail start using vitalink buddy and usual a+b. our secret in bham is... stop all food at 6th week then put in overdrive flower enhancer.. uk cheese loves it, ur buds in 3 days will double
in size and get very sticky and especially smelly. cheap filters wont hide the smell rob.

i did white rhino with 4 weeks veg under 2x600,s and got nine a plant.

the main advice i can give you tho i found is DO NOT TOP YOUR PLANTS IN WILMAS lol
they go mad and the light penetration isnt very good the short veg cycle seems to be the one long veg plants get to crammed in ive binned wilmas this week and am now goin on dwc :) any questions bro jus fire away im sure ill remember them if u ask lol



as a rule of thumb for small plants in wilmas mate 1 ft then turn them. end up 2.5 to 3.5 ft
an even rougher guestimate half a key per 600 light, but uk low yielder (but the best smoke by miles) what strain of uk cheese do you have? is it the exodus strain?

why did your last cuttings die were they c1,s? was it a poor environment. cus uk can usually take a lot of shit thrown at it. i cant find ur link for pix
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