A fun project with making coconut oil infusion

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Aqua Man

Aqua Man

I'm thinking high amount of hydrogenation is key here. The medium length chains of the coconut oil absorbs much quicker into the bloodstream. That's why I"m also trying lecithin crystals also, and it's hygroscopic lipophilic properties.

I think when you lubricate the process, it hits you not only faster, but harder as well, there's a chemical synergistic mechanism at play here.
I use sunflower lecithin.


Coconut oil is great for edibles, but is something I never put into topical treatments. It’s a really crappy oil to put on your skin. The reason it gets used often is because it’s cheap.

Read up on the comedogenic scale. It’s a ranking system for oils on how likely they clog pores. Coconut oil is a 4/5, 5 being the worst. Something to think about anyway. Lots of better oils out there if you wanted to look into it.
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