A Grower's Biggest Headaches

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Burned Haze

IPM Rotations is to guarantee low popoulation of pest at bay and not want to be there in any way ( so many pests you can’t see with the naked eye and take such a small population to start ). Most growers apply their pesticides when they get their issues, and that very error is when the pest can overtake or make a population that is impossible to beat. If people just rotated their IPM products to guarantee no resistance and make sure the stages of the pest are not there.

People always want to use nukes or band aids once the buds are there, why not use safe micro insecticides/safe alternatives and rotate and be smart and 100% safe! Key is prevention and healthy plants cause unhealthy plants trigger pests

Misc Example product I would most def recommended :Grandevo, Venerate xc , BotaniGard 22wp , Azaguard( 2x the Azadirachtin than AzaMax plus bennies), PFR97, OGBIOWAR, MET52, PyGanic 5.0 ( if states allow it), conserve sc ( cannabis not listed product but just check if your state allows spinosid , it’s 22x more captain jack )

fungus gnats: nemasys or Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt)

Mold: regalia for pm and budrot prevention ( up till harvest application and helps your plants Immunity and harvest), greencure , copper fungicide


Killermite for spider mites
Pyrethrum for thrips
Nemasys for sciarid fly (ebay)
Some bayer shit for powdery mildew if it happens to be a PM summer (easy to buy from gardening supplies store)
Topsin for botrytis (routinely peace-of-mind spray in 3-4 week of flowering)
that's it I'm all set

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