It's been a vertical learning curve learning how to grow these plants. This forum has really helped.
I thought you'd be interested in my yields - my first ever grow of this type of plant. I'm an old hand at growing veg.
Three T5 fluorescent units 162w each, indoor-grown in "off the shelf compost" and only added liquid tomato feed and liquid seaweed when watering.

All are auto flowers from ILGM except but the Afghan, a regular from MSNL.
The dry weight is calculated I've assumed is 25% of the wet weight.
I planted seeds Mid July, and harvested in Mid Nov. 4 months.

The good news is that these meds are significantly reducing seizures and pain for my wife.

Wet gWet OzDry gDry Oz
Amnesia Haze auto106.003.7426.50.934760754157922
Northern Lights auto143.005.0435.751.26104516834512
Afghan (regular)95.003.3523.750.837757279669835
Amnesia Haze auto118.004.1629.51.04058272632674
Blueberry auto130.004.5932.51.14640469849557
Amnesia Haze auto111.003.9227.750.978853242561597
Blueberry auto101.003.5625.250.890668265754245
Average per plant116.334.1029.081.03
Watts fluorescent tube4861.650.060.410.01
Area m21.08744.4426.26186.116.56
Area Ft211.62501269.162.4417.290.61