Acceptable products for controlling a mild aphid problem during mid flower?

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Hi everyone, I have been dealing with a mild aphid problem on my outdoor plant for the past few weeks. It’s definitely not terrible, but they are there. You would very likely never even notice them unless you were actually looking for pests, and it usually takes several minutes of looking to even find them, but they are there in small numbers and I always do end up finding them. When I do see them I remove them immediately. I know that in any situation it is best practice to avoid spraying your plants during flower, but at the end of the day I live in an area with a decent amount of pests and if their presence is not controlled the problem can and will get bad. Luckily I am in a good spot where the problem isn’t bad, yet. I have acquired these products and I’ve used them successfully in the past to control aphids on edible plants without issue. Pyrethrins I’ve found in particular to be amazingly effective at exterminating pests without harming the plant or leaving residuals but I don’t know about their safety on cannabis. . I’m roughly three, probably four weeks from harvest atm with already heavy ass buds. Would these solutions be okay to use on my plants right now? And if not what else? Appreciate you folks as always.
Acceptable products for controlling a mild aphid problem during mid flower
Acceptable products for controlling a mild aphid problem during mid flower 2
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If it is a mild infestation, why not try nature's method...


You can buy them at most plant nursery's, hydroponic shops, amazon, etc....
Amazon has them at 1,500 count for like $20.



I started using this great product its called Green Cleaner. It is primarily advertised for use against mites and mold however when reading through the product reviews it looks like people have also had good success killing aphids. Its pricy per oz but its liquid gold IMO. It saves me against mold and mites on 2 separate occasions now and had zero adverse effect on flavor. I use it now as a light occasional regiment during later flower just as a preventative measure to keep that PM down. This 8oz bottle is best value but they also make it in a 2oz that cheaper. Amazon link directly below will take you to the product...

Screen Shot 2022 05 13 at 111415 PM


pyrethrin is bad bad in flower avoid at all costs. use essential oil plus reg oil i call them suffacants, i personally run Mammoth or Lost coast plant therapy. Assasian bugs are most effective, and if you get lady bugs or lace wings get larve. Using a atomizer or powerful sprayer will also help. Cleaning with a high power sprayer and soap help a lot. Using a host of different assault tactics is most effective. Test of small areas before your whole garden.
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