Adirondack Garden Gal Making a Diary '22

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Well that wasn't a frost, it was a hard freeze. Ladies at local #2 might be toast, we'll asses after they thaw, it's like 10 degrees colder there. Ladies in my garden are ok, buy had to use plastic on the big one, so she got soaked. Ugh. Anything that's not hardy is D.E.D. dead. So much for my morning glory privacy screen lol. This season is on its last legs... off to finish my room so I can start harvesting.
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20221003 085457
20221003 090429
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Well, they put out a freeze warning for my area, temperatures around 25, so that's pushing it... I hope the ladies enjoy blanket forts as much as I do... I even tucked thier roots in nice and cozy. Oh the things we outdoor folk do to have a mature harvest.
Here's my MacGyver setup, items used included, but not limited to: Blankets, plastic, tiki torches, rope, sunflower stalks, clothespins, duct tape, my child's play tent poles. 🤫 🤣
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Am I crazy? Yes. Do my buds need more time? Also yes. Here's to hoping no one gets crushed or frozen over night! See you ladies bright and early for your un-tucking and blow out. Shit better be fire. 🤣

Your level of adapt & overcome should be a lesson to alot of folks trying to get to the end! Nice work, still giggling about the tent fort comment. 😂

@Oldchucky has got your initials figured out haha...

popped back to edit as you have updated...that is a hard frost...bummer


Well the ladies at location #2 were much better off than I anticipated, just a few wilted leaves, but overall, still looking good, so we'll let it ride. Here's white widow before she got covered up this evening...
20221003 175425

We made some improvements to our blanket forts tonight, they now include emergency blankets and about 100 more clothespins. 🤣
20221003 181543

The garden gals handled it better, the duo didn't even get damp. Black Cherry got soaked, so we re-engineered her blanket fort as well, sheets under the plastic... she's just so big lol. Here are Super Silver Haze and Amnesia Lemon this afternoon...
20221003 150531
Group shot with Black Cherry Punch
20221003 150732
BCP with the frostbitten morning glory wall lol
20221003 150411
BCP, the actual top of the plant, though you'd never know it without looking underneath.
20221003 150444
20221003 150452
Tonight's blanket fort...
20221003 195857

Nights in the 40s the rest of the week, hopefully no more covering!
20221003 150452


Well we got the room finished and got Super Lemon Haze all moved in... now just need to do a little more insulating and get the environment dialed in. I'll probably paint the floor at some point after this plant is down...we were under a time crunch, gotta start harvesting in these next few days. It keeps the light contained and keeps the heat from the lights in so I can keep the rest of the attic warmish with the infrared heater... I don't want to push the old ass electrical too much. @Oldchucky I was singing "You don't. Have. To live like a refugeeeee" as I was moving her in. She could use another haircut, but I have too much other shit to do. Hillbilly engineering at its finest!
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I ended up covering the garden ladies last night, but not the second location ladies. I think I'm gonna chop them first, and start tomorrow, so I didn't even make the 30 mile round trip to check them today. Here's some pics from our nice sunny day. Black Cherry is a beauty in person, getting some great color.
20221005 171628
20221005 104007
20221005 171838
20221005 171706
20221005 171809
20221005 172249
Super Silver looking good too
20221005 170935
Group shot
20221005 172722

I have to share my acrobatic bud, I have a few of them, started to hang under the scrog and I let them stay, eventually the leaves flipped around and now it's an upside down bud lol.
20221005 171137

See you tomorrow for another update I'm sure. ☮️
20221005 172542


So it begins... Went up to location number 2 with the intent to chop someone, but I just couldn't fully do it because I know they're not ready. 🤣 I know I have no choice, the weather is turning, temps are falling, I have about a week before the weather really goes south, daytime temps in the 40s, nighttime in the 20s plus rain... it's all over but the cryin' at that point. But, today was 75 and sunny, so I let them have today. Took a top from white Widow that had a spot of rot and some lower branches that had a few apots of PM... so that's two strikes for her and she'll be first to go I suppose, though she could go another week or more... I just don't have it, with 4 large and 3 medium plants to process and the weather heading south. I did better than last year keeping shit at bay, so that's a win. Here's some pics of my first bit of harvesting, though it's nothing spectacular, just my set up. Doing 3 bucket wash again this year, but only doing peroxide and 2 clean water. Put my airstones in the peroxide bucket as suggested by Jorge Cervantes, for more agitation. Up and at em tomorrow as soon as my offspring is on the bus, may the force be with me. I see many lattes and doobies in my future tomorrow.

Wash, rinse, rinse
20221006 125802
20221006 135630
Drip dry with the fan
20221006 140911
20221006 134220
Rub a dub dub, my buds in a tub
20221006 135957
20221006 141942
Don't worry, it's dark after everyone is hung.
20221006 143125
That's all I've got for today folks! ☮️


Well, harvesting has been slowed this long weekend, my kiddo went to his cousin's yesterday so we got a bit done. Looks like about another week of decent temps, but a few days of rain, so we'll keep on truckin'.... after that the cold sets in.
Black Cherry Punch has been about 1/3 harvested, her remaining buds are going full Black Cherry and turning very purple.
20221009 120323

Zookies is turning purple/black all over, I'll let her have another nice day or so.
20221009 173123
Got some green bulbs so any cracks in my room don't disturb my garage refugee if I need to go up there during lights out, I assume it's better for the drying stuff than regular light's dark unless I need to be in there.
20221009 224550
Full moon last night, got stoned and took some weird shots of my ladies lol.
20221009 212729
Pine trees and weed trees lol
20221009 212937
20221009 212758
20221009 213011

Have a great day farm fam!


Today is day 7 of the harvesting extravaganza, and I gotta say, I'm already over it lol. 2 plants are down fully, one half, 2 still intact outside, one inside. Phew. Widow is mostly bagged. Black Cherry Punch just started getting bagged and the last of it is being trimmed right now. Going hard tonight after bedtime and tomorrow bright and early. Here's some shots of the refugee and the dry space, followed by those still left living. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go wash and hang another pile of buds.
20221013 111522
20221013 111657
20221012 175135
20221013 113030
20221013 113009
20221013 113425
20221013 112905
20221013 112958
20221013 101119
20221013 101115
20221013 102852
I know it's silly because it's the whole point, but it always hurts my heart a little when I have to chop.
20221013 102917
20221012 152221
20221012 165512
Back to it!


L O L! I’m about to experience the same thing! The harvesting, drying, trimming, and into the curing, can turn into a Logistical nightmare! I imagine you are pretty stoked with the result though! Looking great! Good luck, and try To work a little sleep in there!


Well it's been a busy few days. There's only one plant left living right now, Amnesia Lemon. The rest of SSH and BCP were harvested Friday. Zookies and the refugee, Super Lemon Haze came down yesterday. I wasn't planning on chopping Super Lemon yet, but I've ignored her for almost a week. I moved the heater out of the room because it was getting too hot, then I turned down my dehumidifier because buds were drying too fast... well that was a perfect combination for PM to set up shop, so down she came, can't have that shit near my dry space. It was only on leaves so I think it will be fine to smoke after a thorough trim and wash. She was my problem child all year, so that was a fitting end for her. Unfortunately I just fed her 3 gallons of full strength nutes a couple days ago as her last feed, so she'll probably taste like shit. Organic nutes, so maybe not. I currently have her tops in a bucket of water, hillbilly flush lol, I already dipped them in my wash, but they will get it again after trimming... couldn't trim it yesterday anyway because I found this like an hour before my kid was due home. We did the lower stuff and washed it. There might have been a less drastic solution, but I'm done fucking with that bitch and I just want to focus on finishing harvest.
20221015 164801
Wish I would have checked that bitch before chopping Zookies... not that it matters, season is done here in a few days by the looks of the forecast. Almost out of trim jail. Tried some Super Silver Haze yesterday morning and it got me whacked, and it's not even cured yet... so that's a plus. Here's some pics of Zookies pre and post chop, she sure got pretty and stinks up a storm... was driving very carefully so as not to get pulled over with this smelly bitch in my car. Back at it, I'm sure there's some to be bagged and there's the rest of the problem child to deal with.
20221015 125559
20221015 125644
20221015 134631
20221015 134726


Greetings from harvest jail, I say harvest jail because trimming is only one step of my approximately six step process. Six plants down, wet trimmed, washed and dried... one still standing. Four plants bagged in various stages of curing, two still hanging. Been testing, for quality assurance of course... Super Silver Haze already tastes and smells great and gets me baked. It's a great Sativa, smacks you in the face initially, then after you sit and contemplate life for about 20 minutes, you're ready to go fold the laundry, mow the lawn and maybe paint the house. 🤣
Black Cherry Punch might be my best in show this year, which is good, because she filled two half pound bags and three quarter pound ones... and they're definitely a little over filled currently. Tastes and smells amazing already and it's barely started curing, buds are already dense and solid and look good too, even after a wash. Perfect night time indica smoke. Immediately chills you out and puts you in a good mood, makes you want to talk deep shit and nonsense, then develops into a very enjoyable body buzz.... just all around chill vibes inside and out. She definitely surpassed last year's BCP in looks and quality.
White Widow needs to cure more before I give her a review, not everyone can taste amazing right off the bat lol... but she got me stoned so I'm hopeful her taste and smell will come around after curing. I did have to chop her a bit earlier than I'd have liked because she had a bit of PM and botrytis and had a feed a little closer to chop than I would have liked as well, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.
Blueberry hasn't been tested yet, she just got bagged. Zookies and Super Lemon Haze are still drying, probably get bagged when I go check my buds. Amnesia Lemon still stands, I lost my jewlers loupe... again lol, so I'm going by overall looks, she still had many white hairs last week, and now not so many, so she's almost there. We have a few stellar days on tap after today, so I'll leave her to tighten up a bit more. I decided Sunday to let her ride based on the weather and her look, she drank 10 gallons of water, probably could have had more, but I didn’t want to push it with the cooler temps. She's really fattened up this week and is changing colors. I feel like she hasn't gotten much coverage here on the forum lol, she's been a late bloomer, but she's got all my attention now. She had a haircut a few days ago to remove anything that may invite mold. I covered her for a day of rain. No mold yet amazingly, I think this may be the latest into the season I've ever brought a plant, they usually come down due to weather or mold. Glad I let her ride, the lemons are some of my favorite strains, and Super Lemon Haze did not have a good year. Here's a few pics of Amnesia Lemon and my so far bagged goodies.
20221019 122100
20221019 122050
20221019 122244
20221020 084820
20221020 084828
20221019 121834

Well back to it folks, this is about half the work I had last year because Hubby reigned me in 🤣... he just best not complain when I hoard all the puffy for us or we run out next summer... can't have your cake and it it too sir. 🤷‍♀️🌬😁


Well, everything that was harvested is bagged or jarred. Still needs manicuring, but I do that after it's mostly cured, if I do it at all before smoking... I think it helps protect the trichomes a bit during cure, I turn my buds periodically. I dry trimmed a couple buds for pics. All the bags are between 55 and 63%, so we're on the right track with curing. Here's the running tally so far...
20221022 185233

Amnesia Lemon still lives, she'll come down this week, nice weather is on its way out.
20221021 153550
20221021 153107

Black Cherry Punch was my big yielder ths year as expected. She was twice the size of my next largest lady.
20221022 173027

Glad she turned out well, cause I have a lot of her. She's really starting to stink as she cures.
20221024 102927

Super Silver Haze is also a winner, great daytime smoke, also starting to smell delicious.
20221024 104646

More pics to come when I have the time!
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