Advanced nutrients. What to use and what not to use?

I am running advanced nutrients but did not realize that some of their products are the exact same thing as other products in their same grow line.. ie.. final phase and flawless finish, literally the same thing. I need input and best advanced nutrients feeding schedule and products as I have all of them essentially.
The pH down and up seem to be more concentrated than others, so it last a long time. The rest of their products seem really expensive. Bud blood was also good, but I haven't used it in years.
Bill is right , the company is owned by bayer ( even before this , there company is crazy priced and not worth it in any way)

find yourself a nice dry base ( jr peters or Mendocino producer) ,a humid acid ( for soil or coco, fulvic for hydro or foliar), enzymes ( don’t by bottled indoor hydro version , pond zyme can do 16,000 gal = 25 bucks ), micro nutes and some bennies ( feed the bennies every 7 days, look up em1 if you haven’t heard of it, you can make that/diy ! And it’s a great decomposer bacteria)
Give HGV nutrients a try. I ran several different nutrient lines over the years and hands down HGV is the best. No additives needed and super stable. The owner of the company will answer any questions personally too. Great product