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I have a small aerocloner and it seems to work out pretty well. I root my plants straight to hydroton in some ebb and grow buckets.

Usually it takes around 11 days to really get much for roots and when they get to be about 3-4" long I put them in pots.

Once in the pot they look happy and don't really have much for transplant shock but they sort of sit there for almost a week before they really take off growing.

I was thinking of keeping them in the cloner until they have more developed roots to see if that would get them going faster, sooner but I'm not sure how long I should leave them in there. I'm kind of concerned that the roots will eventually tangle together or something.

I thought that three weeks from the time I put them in there wouldn't be too long but I'm not sure. What I put in the water is Aquashield and some Clonex. I thought that maybe once they root in the last week I could add some weak nutes in there and they'd grow a bit on top too.

Any thoughts or experience here?


transplant shock isnt anything new...

it sucks but all transplants seem to shock a little.

canna's rhizotonic may be a useful additive in your line up. Its a stress relieving agent as well as rooting stimulant.

hope that helps

you can also leave the clones in the cloner no problem, they will pull apart easy.... if not, you can do some root pruning if necessary
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i use the gh 3 part for my cloner at 1/4 teaspoon per gallon. and it keeps them green. i let there roots get long and thicker before i transplant. Now that you mention it tho, soem of my clones take off faster then other. even on the same strain at the same time. i just end up culling them.


i have a home made 5gal bucket aerocloner, i leave my clones in there for 4 weeks then into veg.. roots get tangled but pull apart easy , some times the roots tear off but never have a problem.. i use 2 gallons of water, 1tbs of grow and 1/2tbs micro ph to 5.2-5.5, works great been doing it about 2 years now..
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