Aeroponic Flush Time?

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I am trying to figure out how long I need to flush at the end. This is my first time growing and I see everything from "2-4 Days with FloraKleen or Clearex" to "2 weeks with plain water". The taste is very important to me, I especially don'tt want that "tastes like fish tank water smells" that I have tasted before.

It seems like different methods (soil, Ebb, DWC, Aero) all have slightly different flush times. Does anyone have experience with Aeroponic/DWC systems that could give me some idea of what type of flush to use and how long to do it for?

I am using a Rainforest which is basically a combination of Aeroponics and DWC. The roots hang into the solution and there is an Aeroponic mist above the waterline. The roots are in Hydrotron pellets. I have a chiller so the water is always between 68.5 and 70.5. I am using GH nutes, the full "expert" system with all the addatives. The strain I am growing is "pure Lamb's Bread" which from my research means it is actually Lamb's Bread x Skunk #1.

How long should I flush for? Should I use FloraKleen or Clearex or just plain water? Would flushing with FloraKleen first and then plain water for a while too be a good idea?
Aeroponic flush time


In aeroponic i would use House & Gardens Drip Clean very powerful and effective salt leaching solution and system cleaner.

I would flush for 7 to 10 days using ph balanced water with H & G Drip Clean

Hope this helps.

Jay Frost

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