AK AUTO 6weeks in

Hi all please help. AK autos at about 6 weeks 2 weeks or so into flower lots of bud sites feeding 1/8 teaspoon/gal of bloom nutes eatery other feeding. soil with fox farms and worm casting-bonemeal and perlite. Smart pot watering daily per my meter that says they are dry. One just started to get yellow leaves. Please help. First grow
Looks like overwatering and or to much bloom nutrients, its hard to tell by your pics side by side look ok, your plants are 6 weeks old i have 3 autos running ill post a pic at 28 days, you should have more flower by day 42 6 weeks, it looks like there outside if so this will affect your yield, why are you adding bloom nutrients? You say your plant is 6 weeks old or 42 days it should still be in veg, when you run autos indoors under lights i = me run them in veg till at least day 50 then add bloom nutrients till there done, never add bloom nutrients until your ready to flower it. i know it sounds stupid but if you give your auto bloom nutrients to help it along it is no longer in veg it is now in flower and you dont have much to work with, in other words when growing autoflowers you keep them in veg as long as possible they will flower and around day 50 when you have lots of flower to work with you enhance it! Never add bloom agent to help your plant along it will stop it! When you have lots of flower to enhance and for an ave auto i ave 50 days in veg flush plant add atami bloombastic and chop around day 70 or 75 these are my averages.pic 1 is gelato at 4 weeks 28 days, pic 2 is dark devel auto at day 75. It could be something is off ph or a deficiency but in my opinion and have 8 years running just autos is you added bloom nutrients to early, now your plant is in flower with nothing to flower im sorry bro i learned same way adding bloom agent to help your auto along makes sence DONT DO IT! leave in veg at least 7 weeks maybee a bit less with dwarfs and such, when your plant has flower to work with and has topped off you take your auto out of veg by flushing out the food then i me add bloombasti. Fot the rest of grow in other words im takeing my plant out of veg and then flowering it .