Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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Hello friends,
I hope that this is allowed and I'm not breaking any rules by asking for help. I'm usually the type of person who keeps my business to myself and just makes due the best I can with what I have.
On October 29, I was burned pretty severely by a fire and I have been out of work since. The doctor said that I'll be out until December 17 at least. I have a 12-year-old daughter who has Cerebral Palsy caused by a stroke and is partially paralyzed on her right side. In April of this year, my wife was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and had to have a complete hysterectomy. Needless to say, we have burned through what savings we had. The short-term disability insurance company is screwing me around and not wanting to pay out benefits.
If you could find it in your heart to help out, it would be greatly appreciated !! Thank you so much for your time and consideration!!

Best Regards & Happy Growing,
Any help would be greatly appreciated
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