Any one pulling success with the gavita 1930

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I’ve been using the gavita 1930 as a blended ceiling grid with gavita 1000w de for more then a year now and cannot get the same finish / quality with my gavita 6/750 rooms (no blend in the 6/750de)

straight 6/750 = blinging/ purpled out/ chromed out/ chunky/ gas

blended rooms = smaller pieces/ yes frosty/ yes gas /minimal purple/ minimal colour / meh

is anyone getting success from the gavita 1930

ALL ROOMS SAME GENETICS = rockstar platinum


I have an eye on the same Gavitas for some time now and I am really interested in solid experience about these like yours. Then my pal bought a few and also mixed them with hps just as you did. He said the same like you and he also said that his plants under the Gavitas take longer to ripe....

And overall I find it quite strange that information and visual material in the internet is really scarce up until today, given the fact that gavita is such a known brand...

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