Any Plumbing Whiz Kids Here?

I want to splice in a water line and drain into a closet here. I'm not scared of plumbing, have considerable experience with copper, ABS, and PVC. I'm not familiar with the type of pipe used in the supply line in the pic. Can anyone tell me what I'm looking at here?

My plan is to simply put a tee into the ABS, which I believe is the drain riser. I'm not quite sure yet how to proceed with the supply line. Ideas?

Doing this to support a little hydro setup. I want convenient fill/drain connections in the room.


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Tie into the copper line. You have to have special tools for wirsbo fittings to tie into.
Tie into the copper line. You have to have special tools for wirsbo fittings to tie into.
Looks like the wirsbo connection isn't hard, given the correct tool, which I'm told I can rent. I'm loathe to try and cut the copper, because I can't get a tubing cutter to it, and would have to cut it with a saw, with the resealing risks that that entails.

Trying to figure out if I want to take this on, or just hire it done.
If your not comfortable cutting the copper pipe with a hacksaw, stuffing bread into the pipe to stop the leaks and welding it back up with a torch and silver solder I’d recommend just calling a professional. Get them to put in the drain too, make sure you can snake it out for when it plugs.
PEX is pretty easy to tap into. You can use the crimp style connects with tools or you can use slip in compression fittings that don't take tools. The compression fittings can be kind of pricey (like 26 bucks for a 1/2 T) but it you are only making 1 or 2 connections it's not to bad. If you were running plumbing on a house you would def use one of the tool solutions. I have used both and have never had them fail (talking 3 years to give you an idea on the compressions). I personally love PEX for the fact i can route it around stuff without having to cut in 4 different junctions like with pvc or abs.
Just rent the tool to do the pex , you can buy 90*’s for it and all I do believe.
Your drain would just need a Tee cut into the bottom of that line and plumb in a trap over to your space, just give it 1/2a bubble drop back to your main drain pipe and you should be good. .