Anyone breeding their own auto flowers?

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How are all of you lovey forum folks doing? I cant believe I have been stopping by for 10 years!
I work at a garden center and give advice to people who can now legally grow their own medicine for the first time. I have grown about 20 varieties of autos and think they have all been worth growing but dont keep them continuously going.
I have been on a sativa kick for a long time now and have many iron cindy hybrids (Cindy99 X metal haze). I give them out to people mostly for free. Most of the elderly cant handle the lanky plants I prefer.
Im looking for someone who has way too many seeds and would be willing to help me help these people out. I have a tun to trade as far as photoperiods, about a dozen gourmet mushrooms cultures available and if those are not your cup of tea would be glad work with you. I dont mind sending first to any seasoned member.
Please send me a message if you would be able to help me out.
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