Anyone familure with Aquaponics starting a new adventure

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Anyone familure with aquaponics starting a new adventure
Anyone familure with aquaponics starting a new adventure 2
friends hope it's growing good for you all, I'm starting a new adventure with aquaponics, currently filling a 75g tank with RO water and fast cycling it, plan on using talapia, I have a filter for 75g decorations a 6 site air pump and 6 12 inch air stones headed my way, what are some of the other things I will need?

I appreciate any tips and advice as this is all extremely new to me but I'm definitely like woah how cool!!!!

How many plants can I flood and drain with this type set up?

I also have 2 smaller aquarium heaters I'm pretty sure I'll need a much bigger one to keep 75g at the right temp so any tips at the right one etc is helpful

This is what I'm working with in my hydro set up, and currently I got 12 baby autos, I might be addicted to nurturing these and watching them grow
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