Anyone purchased seeds from Heavily Connected Seed bank recently?

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Good morning ladies and gentlemen,
I purchased some Inhouse genetics "cakes n' Cream" from Heavily Connected as a new customer using bitcoin for their 10% off....that was noon Friday today is Sunday morning, every other seed bank has always sent me a payment verification within 24hrs after recieving. Also, no response from customer service emails in regards to the same matter.
I understand that its only been a couple days, but i was reaching out to hear anyone elses experience especially recently, as to if this is normal.
I know people enjoy their weekends but ive never heard of a seed bank taking weekends off emails and order notifications.
For example: my experience with SeedGeeks last week was ordered saturday, paid saturday, then they emailed me payment conf. followed by another email stating order shipping on upcoming Monday.
Any thoughts and experiences please?
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