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I decided to try aqua flakes for the first time in a recirculating hydro set up. Vertical grow in nutes washed over roots on a times cycle similar to ebb and flow.

I did notice on the feed chart at H&G that they say "Never use an oxygen pump in the nutrient container or on the growth chamber".
They claiim that the nutrients will chelate or bind and settle within the tank if you do. I wonder about this?
Benefits of air in the solution seem obvious but it does have me wondering.

also any input would be appreciated as to what ppl are running their aqua flakes A&B at for strengths.

Sorry about this but I could also use a clarification about this point as well... H&G says to mix the nute solution to their levels, then adjust PH, then add bloom stimulants etc. That seems odd to me as it may make your PH and EC jump way out of whack.

thanks in advance


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Yeash there are a few mistakes on the charts.

Firstly as you noted is the airstone stuff. You can use an airstone fine! They should be removing that warning in due course.

And I always pH last. Base nutes, pks / additives and stims, pH.
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