Aquarium LED light for vegging 1 plant

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I have this led light (Finnex planted+ HLC) for growing high light plants in an aquarium.

I no longer have the aquarium but I kept the light, im wondering if it could be repurposed for vegging plants?

These are the specs of the light:

64 Total LED’s (16 white, 16 red, 16 green, 16 blue); 16.5 watt power consumption.

121 par @ 14 inches

If I can use this should I turn the red and green LEDs off completely and only use blue and white?

any advice would be appreciated, I would like to actually be able to use this light for something lol.


Yea nevermind I just compared it to my 26w T5 fluorescent drop light and the LED is nowhere close to being as bright.

The drop light and a few cfls placed in the right spot will work way better for sure. Guess the led just goes in the bin :/
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