Are me babies ready yet?

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I have Two Plants that I started a few months ago. This is what they both look like. My other plant is about two weeks younger than my first one. I do not know the strain of this particular plant. From what I was told it looks like a Sativa Dominant. I just dubbed er [REDACTED] or LV-426 REFUTED. I am gonna guess both my girlies need a few more weeks. I am hoping they will be ready to harvest by October. I can't remember when I first grew it. I kinda crapped the bed there with keeping track of my plant growth time. I'm going by eyeball and feel here with the advice of seasoned growers. What do y'all think? I started on cutting down the light more to try to trick it into maturing a bit faster.
Safe and Happy Days Bros!

I got these seeds up in Ontario Canada, and I moved and am growing it in The Maritimes.
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