Are springtails beneficial for your garden?

It seems they are relatively harmless. I wouldn't go as far as to say beneficial.
You would need testing and studies to claim that.

I personally dont want any bugs around my plants. They shit, they die, they eat something. Useless. Unless they increase my yield by a fuck ton (no proof that they benefit at all) I dont want them.
I get them. I notice just like fungus gnats they stay under control with a good dry cycle. They dont hurt mature plants. They only eat rotting material. Like leaf mold. If a bad infestation maybe they could affect seedlings.

They are very hard to kill i understand. I dont use harsh (or even not so harsh) pesticides so i live with them.

To reduce numbers rake all leaves away from the house. They are attracted to moisture so any leaks or standing water like a leaky faucet may attract them. They live in topsoil 1000’s per square yard.