Asap Whats wrong with my plants!!

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I tell everyone new with coco...get yourself a bucket, and start a hempy bucket. Low maintenance and very forgiving. Keep around 1.2 EC, some strains maybe a little bit higher, and you're good to go. In 5 gal buckets I only water like every 3-4 days. 2-3 gal maybe every other day.


Personally I treat coco like hydro and use multiple fertigations per day, just giving small shots each irrigation. Provided you are hitting your dryback targets overnight and between each shot, you should be able to maintain a more consistent EC in the substrate.

If I wanted to only water every 3-4 days or similar, then I would switch to living soil in a big pot. Indoors I much prefer coco or rockwool to living soil, but outdoors and huge pots, living soil is the way to go, imho.


Symptoms suggest magnesium as others have pointed out. What makes this a bit harder to tell is they were at a much higher light intensity not too long ago. Too much light intensity will burn leaf tips and aggravate nutrient burn/nutrient deficiencies. Since you've already dialed back the intensity, watch the new growth. The old growth will not heal. Once you have healthy new growth, you can be confident you're heading in the right direction. Several farmers already have you pointing in the right direction on resolving things.

By the way, Chem Dog is kind of a finicky strain ... at least Greenhouse Seed's version is. I took clones and my clones are looking much better than the plants I grew from seed. For the clones, I've been using GH Flora series.
Just picked up the same Chemdog seeds by GHS lol

And Was actually looking at switching to GH flora earlier haha

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