Auto flower seeds (my setup)

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My setup

Garage (door opened rarely with minimum light, propagator always in shade)

Day - 21 degrees - 79% humidity

Night -17 degrees - 79% humidity

Week 1 - 5th June

Day 1 - 12 hour night seed soak until sink in filtered water

Day 2 - Spray mist filtered water RQS soil plugs, insert seed, spray propagator lid and cover

Few hours later mist plugs

10pm - every night wipe out, mist lid and mist plugs so light soil turns darker (never soaked) and check dial

How does this setup sound? Will end up in greenhouse.


Sounds cold & humid not a good environment to grow in.

You want to be at least 75f daytime and roughly 65f night. 68f or 21c is to cold for daytime temps

The humidity is way to high for flowering rather stick around 50 in flower after 70 your in the danger zone for mould to get gold in veg it’s still high

As for seedlings they like it a lot Warmer 80f and they do well

As for misting why I don’t see any reason better to water them during the day when lights are on giving them time to soak up the water before the night falls

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