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Hi all.

Wanted to share some seeds I make with anyone interested. Mostly auto flowers but there are/will be others as well. All regular seeds, no plans for fem seeds anytime soon.

Prices are, $10 shipping/packing/handling fee on all orders, after that it’s $5 per pack. Outside of USA, lower 48, ask for quote on shipping part because it may go up a little.

Currently accept PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, bitcoin and Google Pay. If you only have a different payment method, let me know and I can look into it.

Freebies? Yes,

2 business days to get orders shipped, with tracking number.

Full refund (minus shipping (~$5.00-$10.00 in most cases)), if you feel it is justified.

$50 max first order.

Click on the plane by my name here to send me a private message if you’d like.
Current list-

Auto - Banana Punch x Blueberry

Auto - Kush X Bloody Skunk x Royal Purple

Auto - Dark Devil x Royal purple - (4 per pack)

Auto - Tropicana Poison x Little Kushy

Auto - K.C. 45 x Gorilla Ryder

Auto - EZ Cheese x Gorilla Ryder

Auto - Lemon Haze x KC 45, #2

Auto - Bloody skunk x Royal Purple (4 per pack)

Auto - Grass-O-Matic x Royal Purple x (Devil Cream OR Bloody Skunk) - (4 per pack)

Auto - Cheese x Kush

Auto - Cheese x KC 45 OR Lemon Haze

Auto - Zkittles x KC 45

Auto/photo - Bloody Skunk Auto x Royal Purple Auto X Underdawg Kush photo x Golden Canary Auto

These would all be considered F1’s as far as I know, I am growing them myself now to do more work with them and others. More stuff on the way and in germ testing.

Any questions feel free to ask.

Grown in organic soil.

Some pics of a few of the ones I have going -

A freebie only and almost all gone. Red hot cookies and cheese auto
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Auto - Girl Scout cookies and cheese auto along side tobacco seeds that come free with all orders upon request.
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Auto x Photo - Red cbd auto x golden canary auto x underdawg Kush photo. Cross I made, will be crossing with a male auto soon.
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Auto x Photo - Bloody Skunk Auto x Royal Purple Auto X Underdawg Kush photo x Golden Canary Auto
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Auto - Tropicana poison x Kush
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Need giant lemon seeds. Free with all orders upon request.
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New post because I wanted to simplify pricing.

There should be a 50/50 ratio of males and females in reg seeds. Need help/advice finding males before they mess up the females? Let me know.

Get a pack of all males somehow? Let me know, I will send you a new one.

Need pollen? Let me know, I may have some, photoperiod and auto. Not free and only small quantities currently.

Click on the airplane by my name to send me a message.

Thanks for looking, happy growing.
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Price and seed List update. $5 shipping and prices shown with each strain.

-- CURRENT SEED LIST -- 6-28-2022 -- All $1 - $3 (Each seed)

Auto - Afghan x Nepali ($3) --- LindaSeeds-AfghanSkunk x FreedomOfSeeds-NepaliShort

Auto - Blue Banana Punch ($3) --- LindaSeeds-BananaPunch x TopTao-BlueBerry

Auto - Dark purple ($2) --- SweetSeeds-DarkDevil x EmeraldTriangle-RoyalPurple

Auto - Gorilla 45 ($1) --- FreedomOfSeeds-GorillaRyder x KCBrains-KC45

Auto - G.o.M cross ($2) --- MaxiGom-GrassOMatic X EmeraldTriangle-RoyalPurple x SweetSeeds-BloodySkunk

Auto - GSC n Cheese cross ($3) --- LindaSeeds-G.S.C. x FreedomOfSeeds-Cheese

Auto - Jack & 3 Royal skunks ($2) --- LindaSeeds-Somango x EmeraldTriangle-RoyalPurple

Auto - Lemon Haze 45 ($1) --- EmeraldTriangle-LemonHaze x KCBrains-KC45

Auto - Kush Cheese ($3) --- FreedomOfSeeds-Kush x FreedomOfSeeds-Cheese

Auto - Purple Lemon Skunk Haze ($3) --- SweetSeeds-BloodySkunk X EmeraldTriangle-RoyalPurple x EmeraldTriangle-LemonHaze

Auto - Purple Skunk and Kush ($3) --- SweetSeeds-BloodySkunk X EmeraldTriangle-RoyalPurple x FreedomOfSeeds- Kush

Auto - Purple Skunk Dreams ($3) --- SweetSeeds-BloodySkunk X EmeraldTriangle-RoyalPurple x HumboldtSeeds-BlueDream

Auto - Tropicana Kush ($3) --- SweetSeeds-TropicanaPoison x FreedomOfSeeds- Kush

Auto - Zkittles 45 ($3) --- LindaSeeds-Zkittles x KCBrains-KC45

Auto/photo - Super Cross #0 ($3) --- SweetSeeds-BloodySkunk X EmeraldTriangle-RoyalPurple x TopTao-GoldenCanary x THSeeds-UnderDawgKush (Photoperiod)
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