autos headache running out of time?

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hello guys,quick Q... first time doing autos prissy little fkrs..anyway is it possible they can run out of growtime? like the bean has a life span of say65-90 days right? im kinda 2 weeks away frm that date and although you cant really go by breeders time scale to harvest am i wasting my time here hoping that the next two weeks will bring the results i want dense buds 20% brown trichs? kinda thing ... hope this makes sense and someone who knows autos better than i do can answer this? need any more info im happy to provide... little fkrs... think ill stick with my photos frm now on maybe 2or3 autos in between harvests? thx guys and happy growing one and all ...


Don’t have that answer but would love to hear opinions . I’m new to growing and still cultivating 2white widows that I germinated end of march and 1 AK in April- from what I’ve heard I’m probably just wasting space, money, and time; just don’t have the heart to give up on ‘em- lol…I’m gonna experiment with photos next grow…
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