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Hey everyone how are you all
I would like to know what’s the average gram per watt that ppl are doing
I just finished my first grow and I experimented with 8 led lights spider style
4 of 600 watts and 4 of 800 watts so a total of 5600 watts
I just finished weighing and I came up with 14 lb give or take a ounce or two
1.12 gram per light I’m sure with the perfect care which I ran in to all the problems possible Heat / bugs / over feed - but fixed and learned a lot so next one I’m sure I could get to 1.6 to 1.8 Gram per light which would be almost double the hi end of the average is my math good or am I wrong somewhere
Thanks in advance cheers 🍺
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It’s hard to increase your yield by that much without making drastic changes to your setup. Even though you may have made mistakes along the way it’s doubtful they had a huge impact on the overall yield. I’d expect maybe a 10-15% increase if done right.

By changes I mean high efficiency LEDs and scrog. Using these I get just over 2g/watt.
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