Bag seeds and determining gender in week 6 with Paper bag method or temporary flower then reverse

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(also posted in advanced techniques & problems)
So I was given about 30 bag seeds by my buddy, completely random seeds that I am pretty sure he collected over time from numerous ounces+. Anyway I have 2 plants in week 6 from these 30 seeds. You can check my other thread for pics would be about 10-12 inches without me training them. I have recently topped a 2nd time and started training them the first time about 4 days ago... Now my buddy is suggesting I find out if they are male or not b.c ill be pissed if they are not having spent all this time and energy.
I was planning on letting them veg 2-3 more weeks.. but he is suggesting I do 1 of 2 things.
1- put into complete flowering until they show first signs of gender, then put back into veg for a couple more weeks or whatever
2- use paper bag method to cover up only part of the plant or 1 branch and let that show signs of gender then idk... put back into veg or let the whole plant go into flower by that time

this my first time growing anything ever so i am open to all opinions.
growing hydro DWC in 3x3x63 tent with 2x1000watt LED lights
also curious how far I want my lights from my plants in flowering beginning and finish, thats for a separate thread though


Never trust a doctor who's plants have died.
Nah, you don't want to go back and forth, that's going to kill your final product output. Flower them, post up some pics every day or two, well let you know what you've got.

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