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Jack Dupp

Jack Dupp

Like the intro even thou it was 2 yrs ago we share similar techniques. How much cal mag do you prefer charge your cups with prior to planting as mentioned in post 1

Back then I was using 5ml per gal. Lately I use 3 ml per gal, if any at all. My well water seems to provide plenty of minerals and I only add CalMag if I start seeing deficiencies.

Thanks for stopping in.
Jack Dupp

Jack Dupp

@Jack Dupp sorry bro didnt mean to troll on your page I seen "Baked Genetics" and posted the Cripplin Bubba that @BakedReality made without seeing it was your grow log. Nice work you have going on!

No worries Canappa. Feel free to jump in anytime and drop some pics of BG goodness.

Your Cripplin Bubba looks solid.
Jack Dupp

Jack Dupp

Looking good Jack! #1 is looking more like the Milkshake...with some other influence...Do I see double serrations also?

#3 is leaning more towards Blue Queen...

Looking Healthy! Keep it Green...

Thanks bro.

Yup, they both are sporting double serrations. I just noticed them while in the garden tonight. I'll get some update pics up this week and try to highlight them.
Jack Dupp

Jack Dupp

Week 2 Update Blueberry Milkshake




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