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Sorry, I was referring to Jack's part B Cal Nit. I would prefer to stay with RO water so I know what is going to my plants. I know you have to add cal mag with RO water, so what would be a better option, the Hafia Cal Prime or Jack's Cal Nit?
It depends on what your budget is. Cal Prime gives 10% more Ca, which is the engine for plant metabolism. Regular cal nit works and is cheap.


Couple questions related to salts wiki-
1) bloom booster recipes- are they to be used by weight or total mass dissolved in given quantity water, 1L, 1 gal? Or is dose TBD via personal calculation?
2) can tribus be propagated with mammoth p method?
PS- “growgreen MI” has a dank deal on gro genius 250ml at the moment.
Aqua Man

Aqua Man

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@BillFarthing if I may pick your brain for a min. I'm wondering if you would know of a good source of triacontanol as possibly a stand alone or not attached to large PK?

Also thanks again for this thread and time you take to answer questions. I know many in the community are really benefitting from this thread and many more will in the future.


@Aqua Man I can't remember the biostimulant for roses that had tricontanol. I played with some from Power Grown and had negligible benefit. If you overdo it with triacontanol, it makes stringy buds almost like Dr. Grinspoon.

@BillFarthing What is your avatar pic from? It seems familiar for some reason but I cant place it and it's been driving me nuts for weeks.
It's Hunter Thompson.
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