Ban on strong flowers

thats a [email protected]@ joke, they just cant leave us tokers alone. anyway thats unpoliceable, its hard enough to find good smoke,nevermind the 20% thc dank,also how would they test it? smoke one up? hand held tester/ does not exist?


yeah I read an article recently that anything over 15% THC will be considered the same as herion or cocaine

kind of crazy how conservative Holland has become as of late
That's a shame. That's not the Amsterdam that I know. I am not 100% sure, but I believe that makes Germany much more tolerant for dopers. The last I heard, it was decriminalized for up to 30g cannabis, and went on to list amounts for hash, coke, exstacy, etc... Crazy stuff! I will have to take a high speed cruise down the autobahn with an oz of herb and head to oktoberfest for some massive inhalation of beer!

Dont believe the papers, we know that by now about us dutchie's, we love to talk crap, and make it sound like a reality.

This is long from happening if it ever does.
I doubt this will come into effect in Amsterdam, there is no support for these conservative policies there.. and the regions are fairly Autonamous.

More than likely bans will come into force at the border towns in Zuid Holland etc