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Jimmy chonga

Jimmy chonga

I don't usually grow autos.
This was a freebie from a local seed bank.
Seed was popped Dec 7. Harvested today Feb 18. Half cloudy/clear trichs.

Defoliar 2 weeks after flowers started developing.

Used beanstalk crf in a 5 gallon cloth pot with Promix hp, also added dynomyco to the soil. I think this helped alot. Amendments of atami bloombastic, free samples from the local grow shop. Saw explosive flower formation with this product. Also used overdrive from advanced nutrients and some molasses. Also flawless finish from AN in the final week.

Light is a viparspectra xs2000 in a 3x3x6 vivosun tent. I bit too small imo for this tent, but only 2 plants flowering I made it work. 18/6 light signature. Day temps never about 80f, 75 average. Nights from 65-70f.

Dense buds, keeping drying area rh less than 50 in hopes to avoid rot.
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