Basement lab

It’s taken me about 4 years to build up to that with gear and experience.
Three chambers of fully operational battle station to grow bud. Clone propagator, veg hut, and bloom tent.
Right now it’s kind of funny I have a bunch of plants that I do not know the strains or genetics.
In the big bloom hut I have Kermit Lab (KL), Mysty (myst), Blue Dream (BD), and the Randoms (rand).
The KL came out of a particular seedy bag I got on the black market about 5 years ago and I’ve just been planting a few at a time and stretching them out. as time goes on I’ll starting posting some pics of each of these.
The Myst Is straight up a mystery, I ordered some seeds from a European seed bank about 2 years ago and they shipped me 5 freebies without a label. It’s an indica, but that’s all I know. So being a dnd dork I’ve dubbed it the mysty-step.
The BD are pretty self explanatory. Those are some reg sees I got at the local hydroponics shop. Humbolt seed Co. I’m hoping for at least one male, as I need to replenish the seed stock, and those are some good Sativa genetics.
The final strain in my bloom tent are the randoms, the issue with these seeds is I truly have no idea what they are. I’ve been collecting seeds I find in my own bud or other peoples in the bottom section of my grinder for a while. So they are random seeds. I should have labeled them and all, but you know pothead. No idea if they will be male of female.
Sine this is the first grow with these seeds I am still unsure of genders. Once the lights flip over the 12/12 I’ve have a better idea what I’m working with. So I’ve got the clone army going in the vegg hut. 25 of the little guys, from 39 cuttings for a 64% survival rate. Once I know the genders of the big plants I’ll thin out any males.
The Lab has only recently reached its three chamber magnificence. So I have not had a harvest bloom cycle in my 4x4 yet. Very excited about the volume of yield I can pull out of the bigger space. Wish me luck
Great example of some lines that are not doing so great. I clipped them a little too skinny and a little too short. Should have known better. A few in the propagation chamber are doing really well though.
The veg chamber is rocking out hard core though. All of these clones were clipped in the last month to 45 days. Learning a lot about which cuts have high survival rates and are fairing better. The two in the top right are really soaring of course they started bigger than most of these.
Notice the tri-lobe trait on the one in the top right. I have three plants that are exhibiting this growth pattern and have been since seed. You’ll see them in the next post.
I did some deep dive research that led me to this community actually. Seamaiden mentioned in a post awhile back that its due to a photoperiod fk-up and is in a veg state. Open to other explanations.
im really proud of this tent, haven’t done much cloning before this spring, so very happy with the results.
The first photo here is that tri-lobe growth pattern again. If anyone has any suggestions of what that is?

this is my newest tent, chamber iii The Vision is to have this be a blooming all the time chamber, but I know the reality ins it will have to veg plants like it is now.
I took the pano so you all could see the growth structure. I’m wondering what people would advise for a pruning regiment for max yield. I plan on switching them to 12/12 light first week in June, so i have about 2 weeks to work with.
So let’s talk about clones this morning.
I've been Seeing some really impressive technique and growing styles from some of the other people here on the farming community.
I'm really interestEd in creating one or two of those sea monster/ octopus plants I've been seeing with 15 or so colas. Looking around and observing some o free other growers I’ve deduced that I need to start sponsoring the development of lower branches early on in the life of the clone.
So here are three or four that I have bent over. Once I get a little more growth on the lower arms I’ll do the pipe cleaner stud back.

looking for any advice?!?
So after a week I’m starting to see some bonzai style growth. I’ll have to tie back some of lower branches forming there. Probably work i that this weekend.
Happy Friday
Still working with my little clone army here. At least in my opinion I’m starting to get the sea monster octopi clones going here. First time I have been so extreme or rigorous with tying them back and stem manipulation.
Any advice is welcome on how I can continue to get them to bend to my will.
Last two pictures is just the veg hut, those former clones are really becoming plants in their own right. Really need to figure out genders real fast, they are going to run out of room in the root department.
For those of y who saw the Top Die Off thread you will know that not all is well in the paradise that is my bloom tent.
we had a few mold issues, but fighting back and would really like to try to finish the cycle that has just begun.
Getting very close to having pistils and official gender, but these two are looking suspiciously female!!
Going to keep up the good fight and make some flower!
Been a week of gender reveal parties. Looking like 78% of the plants are female with the other few too early to tell. I was really hoping to get a boy and try my hand at seed development. ahhh shucks all female what a problem to have.
things have been progressing very well. Really trying to pimp out the manipulation game. Excuse the pink lights, but I’m really trying to get the super bonsai sea monster things going on with these clones. I’ve been using very fine thread and the mini size clothes pins to hold back the arms. I did a transplant within the last two weeks, but I’m starting to see roots near the bottom of the pots. They’re growing fast, and I worry they will need to be moved into the 4x4 before the full bloom cycle is done inside there.
Speaking of the blooming tent. Final three pictures speak for themselves. Into the 3 to 3.5 week of the flower process. A long way to go before they are ready to pluck and get in the curing station.
Just a few shots of the in progress buds. These ladies are in the 3rd week since pistils appeared. I’m looking forward to seeing the finish of this bloom in the large tent.
Good morning here,
so I thought I would through up some pics as it’s been a little while. These are from the vegg tent I have going. Back closer the beginning of this journal I posted the pictures of my clone army. These at the last surviving elite troops. I passed a few off to others who are growing in franchise for me and kept as many as would fit in the 4x2 veg tent. I’m thinking I may have to continue to boost my operational space. Very happy with the version 2.0 lab I have going here.

Projected harvest for the flowering plants from the last post is Aug 9. Very exciting now.
Salutations fellow farmers!
What a glorious summer morning here.
For me a very exciting time in the basement Lab. I have plants at every stage of the lifecycle.
There are San Fernando x Hashplant as whittle seedlings.
The tray of clones is my next generation for the perpetual grow.

Check it looking through the pictures backward
4th I have a set of flowering plants. I’m proud of this run, but I really have to modulate and get my fertilizer dosage down right. This is the second time I’m shocked them into purple, white, and yellow.
3rd Is my vegetation tent. all these plants Used to be defenseless clone on life support back in April.
2nd are the clone I just clipped this week from the vegging plants.
here represents 3 Clone generations of the same set of plants.

Of course I can only keep this up so long due to clone fatigue. Hence why I’ve been excited about the new San Fernando seedlings I got going on, trying to get some new genetics Into the lab.

Last few pictures are vanity shots of the nuggets. There are 4 strains represented in the flowering tent. The close up picture is from the Mystery Tour, Amsterdam Seed Co. my 60 day bloom cycle is up Aug 9th, however, I scoped most of the trichombes today with my loupe, and most are still clear, with some milking. My gut tells me I’m going to have to let it ride until 70 or 80 days.

Happy grows all.