Been gone too long.

Thank you guys for allowing me to join your community. Haven't grown anything since 2007, due to job situation. I will retire in a year and I am just starting to realize how much the scene has changed since then. I grew under two 400 watt hid bulbs in a 2'X4' area, one hps and one mh to imitate the sun as closely as I could. That spectrum produced some beautiful plants and some super potent organic bud. Theses days there are quantum board led that replicate that spectrum with a lot less heat, and the strain variety is unreal. I won't be able to do anything until I retire next year but my mouth is salivating at the thought of growing some of the tasty strains of today organically under a Spider farmer 2000 using 1/4 the electricity I used to. If I ask too many dumb questions it's because I am a dinosaur when it comes to our hobby. Thanks again for allowing me along for the ride.
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Welcome to the farm! By the time you get into your first grow, you'll have a wealth of new knowledge and good gear ideas. 🙂
I haven't been part of a forum since OG and before that CW. Neither of these are even around anymore an indication of how long it's been. At this time I am excited about Green Crack clone only. I prefer sativa and had a chance to puff some while I was on an extended vacation. It was like a sativa on steroids, nearly blew the top of my head off. I also love the mango/pineapple flavor. Will be scrogging it to control the canopy and maximize bud production. I just hope the led I chose is half as good as my hids were.
I love my LEDs. Way easier to control heat, at least in my room...and's been a learning curve to figure out the sweet spot for the LEDs, but once you do, bombs away. My first grow on them was og Cheese and it was 3 hit couch loçk..admittedly I didn't get much yield as I was experimenting...this grow my yield is looking to be quadruple because I'm sticking to LST and micropruning and letting them do what they do best. The combo of LEDs and LST can be impressive. If my results hit average I'll be thrilled.🙂
Matthewstever thanks for chiming in, it may take me a minute to dial in the led but I worked with mixed spectrum back in the day. I was copying a grower named Doobie Duck who grew the most beautiful plants, he also ran two 400's of mixed spectrum in a 2'X4'X6' area. Will be using lst and Scrog so canopy will be close to level if not level. The new quantum boards just amaze me with both how little heat they make and how quiet they are, and the spectrum of the Spider Farmer sf2000 is amazing. Will be running a 6" fan drawing through a oversized carbon filter in the cabinet for odor control. I Will be using subcools organic soil recipe, hope to be dialed in by 3rd grow.
Thank you Dan789 have been lurking here for a couple of weeks and decided to join and glad I did. I don't want to produce large yields as much as high quality organic product. Trying to learn as much as I can about the new quantum board technology. I feel this is the way for me to achieve the spectrum I like without all the heat I had to handle to achieve it with two different hid bulbs. Hope to learn as much as I can about growing with quantum board technology.
Seeking info on the preassembaled kingbright quantum boards and which ones would be best in a 3X3X6 area. Thanks in advance for any advice I get on this subject.
Welcome to the farm! By the time you get into your first grow, you'll have a wealth of new knowledge and good gear ideas. 🙂
You were right about there being a wealth of knowledge here at the farm. My intention was to buy an over hyped Amazon quantum board and produce small amounts of organic meds. After reading posts from members here I realized that for less than what I was planning on spending I could build a quantum board to achieve results simular to what I did with my mixed spectrum hid lights. I am attempting to build a smaller version of a light Mr Juijitsu has in one of his chambers. With advice from him and a few other members I think I can hit the ground running when I start again. Need to find members with advice and ideas on building a stealth bloom cabs with a 3x3x6 flower area and a separate stealth 3x3x4 veg cab. Who are the the diy cab guys here at the farm? I have a little over a year until I retire and I want to have everything in place by then. Not trying to produce a lot just the best organic meds that I can for my PTSD.