Best choice for a led light

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IDK...but you'll need about 8 min. for that size..take there flower recommend height and take 1' off the coverage..that's about a 4' light that is square shaped covers 5'..that's about 6 lights at that size grow space...
Jmaes Mabley

Jmaes Mabley

Love the Gavita 1700e.

Covers 4 x 4.
Whatever you get make sure you use 40w/sq-ft of the very best Samsung/Osram LED Diodes. Anything less, expect less.

HGL to save money, and are good lights....Samsung Diodes.
Jmaes Mabley

Jmaes Mabley

Their most powerful is the Neo Par 7 Bar, and is $1365.

The Gavta 1700e is available at around the same price, and puts out at least 300 more umol.

They say Up Tp 1400umol, which scares me when they aren't specific.

Gavita is specific and say 1700umol. NO if, ands or buts.
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